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Design/Build: Providing both design and construction services for electrical systems, ensuring they meet client requirements and local building codes.

Roadway Lighting: Installation, maintenance, and repair of lighting systems for roads, streets, and highways to ensure safety and visibility for motorists.

Stadium Lighting: Designing, installing, and maintaining lighting systems for sports stadiums and arenas to provide adequate illumination for events and activities.

Electrical Upgrades for New Equipment: Upgrading electrical systems to accommodate new machinery, equipment, or technology in industrial or commercial facilities.

Lighting Control: Installing systems for controlling and automating lighting levels, such as dimmers, timers, and motion sensors, to improve energy efficiency and convenience.

Military Construction: Providing electrical construction services for military facilities, including barracks, hangars, training facilities, and other infrastructure.

Switchgear Replacement: Replacement or upgrade of electrical switchgear, which is crucial for controlling power distribution in industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings.

Site Lighting: Installation and maintenance of lighting systems for construction sites, parking lots, outdoor areas, and other commercial or industrial facilities.

Municipal: Electrical services for municipal projects such as public buildings, street lighting, water treatment plants, and wastewater facilities.

Thermal Imaging / Maintenance: Conducting thermal imaging inspections to detect overheating electrical components and prevent potential failures, as well as providing regular maintenance services to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical systems.

Industrial: Electrical services tailored to industrial facilities, including power distribution, motor controls, machinery wiring, instrumentation, and control systems.

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