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"When safety is first, you last..."

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Fureigh Inc understands the only way to sustain while improving our safety culture is to have a knowledgeable workforce with an instilled passion for safety. Our extensive safety training along with daily reminders creates muscle memory for our employees to place safety first in all situations. Our employees can identify hazards, place the proper controls into action, and be proactive with prevention.


We have implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) that not only trains our employees but will test their knowledge of the subject. The LMS system gives us the ability to track learning progress and results, as well as on the job behavior which is vital to our safety culture’s success. We can assemble the LMS data, along with jobsite safety audits, and pre-job Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to identify opportunities for improvement. Those opportunities are then coached to the employee in turn helping us to reduce or eliminate fully all safety incidents.


Fureigh Inc has a continuous learning approach within our safety culture. Safety information is shared daily, and we encourage safety conversations among our employees. This approach empowers all our employees to be safety advocates in turn contributing to the success of their own learning.


Building a safety culture is something we do not take lightly at Fureigh Inc. We have a dedicated Safety Director to ensure everyone is trained properly and takes safety seriously, always placing it first above all else. We believe a more aware, knowledgeable workforce is the key in preventing accidents while knowing how to react in the event an accident does occur are the keys in a successful safety culture.



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